ENSA The Prediction Man

Predicting the future of our area around Southend Airport

He Predicts
The new Un-noticed bunded area off of St Lawrence way roundabout that has grid drainage plates and a hydrant already installed. We pridict that this has something to do with external fire appliance, due to more work to be carried on the extesion runway hammer head to facilitate the turnig of larger Boeing 757 aircraft,
An underpass could be created along the Southend Road, extended runway above it and over Coombes Farm alternativley a section of the southend road could close, (plans already drawn up and seen (RAL) .also predicted new road layouts links to imagespic1 pic2
Councils using the airport to facilitate huge water run off from new business parks, circumnavigating the Environment Agency.
Avro Center demolished to make way for Taxiway
Houses demolished around Harp House Roundabout to facilitate road alterations (remember the close red line in the JAAP) the so called jaap area
Airport Shopping park to be moved further out
Houses could be compulsory purchased North Cresent to facilitate road alteration
Industrial units closed on the privately owned Purdys Industrial Estate to facilitate new road system
Airport will object to solar farms
The Airport will claim house prices have not depreciated to warrant compensation payout
Environnment Agency pressured from Central Government to pass applications and therefore find ways to justify applications "regardless"