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The church is mighty close to the runway is it safe

AMAZON Its Official

London Southend Airport has done what we always feared
and has started using the airport as a freight Hub , their excuse " It will bring additional revenue streams to the airport "oviously passengers alone arnt paying the ever esculating bills". Amazon Air will have a fleet of 70 aircraft by 2021
. Currently leasing 15 Boeing 737 cargo aircraft from partner GE Capitol Aviation Services if this freight annoncement is not bad enough you will be interested to learn that amazon has a fleet of Boeing 757 aircraft which if used at southend airport would be allowed to operate under a private licence same as a single engine light aircrft,. this means that they can come and go when they please. At present it would appear that the incoming freight would use 90 of the the 120 allowed night ATMs per month should aircraft come in under a private license the 120 movments per month would be void also circumnavigating inplace passenger aircraft saftey rules. It is common knowledge that freight usully use less experienced pilots this will increase direct dangers to residence living around the airport and an additional concern to others. There are also yet uncomfirmed reports that the space along the southend road (where the circus normally errects, the council named green barrier) between the aiport and public space is to become railway sideings, along with more sideings where the airport shops currently reside, and a further track into the business park around the back of the airport. Although the jobs that will be created can only be welcomed this could be at the cost of increased danger. Amazon is a 24/7 machine so expect a lot more activity and noise pollution in coming months from rail, road (trucks) and air. The freight handeling centre /warehouse under construction can be seen from cherry orchard way at the far end , Gaurds are now at the bussines park entrance vetting entrants.

Ryanair 737 cracks: airline grounds Boeing planes due to cracking between wing and fuselage (Can you be sure your flight is safe ???)

cracks between the wing and fuselage were know but were not disclosed to the public, the Guardian can reveal. READ MORE

Freight aircraft at southend use 737 aircraft